Torture Division - NY demo ligger ute!

En ny demo med Torture Division ligger nu ute för nedladdning!!!
Ladda genast ner den här: och avnjut ÄKTA RÅ
Svensk dödsmetall när den är som bäst!

TORTURE DIVISION, the new Swedish death metal project featuring guitarist Lord K. Philipson (THE PROJECT HATE, GOD AMONG INSECTS, ex-LEUKEMIA), bassist/vocalist Jörgen Sandström (VICIOUS ART, THE PROJECT HATE, ex-ENTOMBED, GRAVE) and drummer Tobias "Tobben" Gustafsson (VOMITORY).

So yeah – we lied to you. We already recorded the demo at hand and wanted to surprise you bastards. You didn’t see this coming, now did you? You can now officially obey us. Take this info below, send it to magazines and whatnot. Spread the word. “Evighetens Dårar” is available @ Congratulations, you just got another piece of the world’s best death metal. For free. We can’t thank Dan Swanö enough for the incredible work he’s done for us again, not to mention the fantastic material we’ve composed all by ourselves. Dan has once again turned our shitty files into something extremely massive and if we could (being heterosexuals is a problem) we’d marry the fucken guy. Thank you, Dan, thank you so fucken much

För mer info:

NP: Torture Division - Evighetens Dårar


Postat av: Jigsaw

Aahh! Fyfan så jävla bra. Jag älskar Torture Division, Sveriges bästa band!

2009-08-23 @ 22:44:38
Postat av: Torture Division

Tack som fan för att du pluggar skiten här.

2009-08-24 @ 05:55:09
Postat av: Demonia

Torture Division: Vad gör man inte för grymma band :P Fortsätt mangla!

2009-08-24 @ 19:01:11
Postat av: Danne


2009-08-24 @ 23:03:23

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