AC/DC hjälper Anvil!!!

Klockrent! Hahaha.. (Ni som sett filmen förstår nog hehe)

"What it came down to is the fact that AC/DC will benefit because they're the guys who extended a hand to help ANVIL out," Lips adds. "I don't know if they saw the movie or not. I just know a decision was made by Angus [Young, AC/DC's guitarist] and he wanted see ANVIL triumph and succeed."

Läs mer HÄR!

NP: Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors


Postat av: Denice

Festligt! Denna Arcturus skiva har gått varm i min ipod idag me, hohoho;)

Puss o Kram!!!

2009-06-10 @ 18:13:18

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