Klockren Snickare

Hahaha.. Dax att köpa bil med släp :P (Står "FUK" på bilen och "EMO" på släpet)

NP: Dark Throne - A Blaze in  the Northern Sky


Postat av: alberto


I am Alberto Ferraris from Spain, I have a music website (news, reviews, interviews, gig reviews...) www.musiqueando.com

I went to Piorno Festival and I wrote a review from the festival. Unfortunately I have no pictures to add to my review.

I want to ask you if I can use some of your pictures, You will be credited and I will display what you want (link to your blog...)

I hope to hear from you,

Thank you in advance.


2009-06-20 @ 14:09:57
URL: http://www.musiqueando.com
Postat av: alberto

You can reply me to allhailthenewflesh AT gmail DOT com

2009-06-20 @ 14:12:19
URL: http://www.musiqueando.com

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