Watain Watain Watain!

Som ni alla vet vid detta laget så släpper WATAIN sitt fjärde album,
"Lawless Darkness"
, den 7:e juni via Season Of Mist.

Skivomslaget till Lawless Darkness!

WATAIN´s Erik "E" Danielsson: "The main cover of 'Lawless Darkness' depicts the legions of the Antichrist, released and untamed from the broken tablets of law. By the shattering of order and the collapse of the laws of the creator god, the free spirits of lawless darkness shall return to the abode of their ancient gods, and unite with them once again.

"The artist behind this amazing painting as well as the additional artwork for the album goes by the name of Zbigniew Bielak, a well-kept secret in the world of metal. His flawless detail and all-devouring capacity suits us perfectly, a match made in hell indeed."

Låtlistan ser ut som följer:

01. Death's Cold Dark
02. Malfeitor
03. Reaping Death
04. Four Thrones
05. Wolves Curse
06. Lawless Darkness
07. Total Funeral
08. Hymn to Qayin
09. Kiss of Death
10. Waters of Ain

Missa inte senaste numret av Sweden Rock där Watain är
intevjuvade och där Erik Danielsson (Watain) intervjuar Quorthons
farsa: Börje "Boss" Forsberg!

NP: Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny


Postat av: Lo

Beautiful artwork. I can't wait.

2010-04-17 @ 03:34:54

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