Tore Bratseth - The Batallion

* Which 3 album releases did you enjoy the most during 2010?

The re-release of Slaughter's "Strappado" on vinyl with bonus tracks, Motörhead's "The World Is Your's" , Sodom "In War and Pieces"

*What was your first metal-concert and how old were you?

Twisted Sister in Drammenshallen the 31st of March 1986. I was 13 back then

* What is your worst and best memory from 2010?

My worst memory was that I had to pay a fortune to fix a pipeline that froze in my house. I was thinking about all the vinyls I could have bought instead! Best memory musicwise was to get the finished CD of The Batallion's "Head Up High" in my hands.

* What would you do if you where invisible for one day?

I would follow Lemmy from the Rainbow Bar and Grill and back to his apartement ,just to see how he lives and look at all the Motorhead and 2nd world war memorabilia.

* What is your best purchase during 2010?

A fan club picture disc copy of Twisted Sister's first single "I'll never Grow Up" that was pressed in only 10 copies. That is bloody rare!

* What do you like to eat when you are hung over?

A sleezy and cheesy cheeseburger with lot's of unhealthy stuff on it! All right!

* What is/was your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to go on tour with Motorhead with The Batallion as support. Otherwise I'm not much of a dreamer. I act.

* What was the best concert you saw during 2010?

Twisted Sister at Norway Rock Festival ! Dee Snider was a fucking TIGER!

* What are your hobbies beside the music?

Travelling. It's the best way to learn about this fucked up planet. Other than that I collect rock and metal vinyls and Charles Bronson movies to get inspiration.

* What is your favourite travel destination and why?

I was in Cuba 5 years ago and it was very facinating. Like travelling back in time. Like time froze in 1959. I've been to over 40 countries,but Cuba really stands out. I also love London. I have been there more than 50 times. I also went there every november for the last 11 years to see Motorhead. It has become a great tradition. The Motorhead week-ends in London are magic rock n roll! All right!

* Every Sunday in the blog i have something called "Sunday Gooseflesh" in which I post a video that gives me the chills
- now it´s your turn to pick a music video that has this effect on you!

Try Motorhead's cover of "God save The Queen". That is a great one. Makes me wanna open a beer and fly to London immediately and go for a heavy night out and tell the world to fuck off! All right!

* What’s on the 2011 agenda for your band/bands?

To play and make music. It's what all bands should do. All right!

Now all i need is the URL to your bands!

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*What was your first metal-concert and how old were you?

Twisted Sister at Isstadion in 1986. I was 13 back then

2011-02-14 @ 01:21:24

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