Alan Averill - Primordial

* Which 3 album releases did you enjoy the most during 2010?

- difficult to say....enforcer, accept and deathspell omega perhaps?

* What was your first metal-concert and how old were you?

- local band called killerwatt back in early 88. i was about 12. later that year metallica was the first big one

* What is your worst and best memory from 2010?

- worst = primordial show in athens. courtesy of our drummer being on another planet. best = as usual meeting old friends i don't see often enough

* What would you do if you where invisible for one day?

- go to the hall of mirrors

* What is your best purchase during 2010?

- the most awesome Status Quo shirt you've ever seen

* What do you like to eat when you are hung over?

- oh the shame. McDonalds and it's methadone qualities fixes all!

* What is/was your biggest dream?

- Playing in a band, making albums, travelling the world and standing on stages in front of loads of people! simple really. oh and scoring the winning goal for Ireland in the world cup of course.

* What was the best concert you saw during 2010?

- Hmmmmm....Woven Hand in London, Solstafir at HITS

* What are your hobbies beside the music?

- sports, football, hockey, training, history, reading, travelling, drinking, acting like a fucking idiot, wearing hats

* What is your favourite travel destination and why?

- difficult question. i think it must be somewhere i haven't been yet!

* Every Sunday in the blog i have something called "Sunday Gooseflesh" in which I post a video that gives me the chills
- now it´s your turn to pick a music video that has this effect on you!

- ok

* What’s on the 2011 agenda for your band/bands?

- new primordial, tours, festivals, hopefully some blood revolt shows. who knows...

Now all i need is the URL to your bands!

Postat av: Magnus K

Spegelhallen... jaja, jag hade valt något annat.

2011-02-21 @ 13:59:06

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