Frode Kilvik - Krakow, Vithr

* Which 3 album releases did you enjoy the most during 2010?


2. Electric Wizzard - Black Masses
3. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini

*What was your first metal-concert and how old were you?

I played in many different rock and metal bands since I was a kid, so the gigs we saw was when we played along with other bands. In one of my early bands we used to rehearse at the same place as Enslaved, I think I was about 13 or 14, and Enslaved had just done their first US tour, so we sneaked a peak when they rehearsed.

* What is your worst and best memory from 2010?

Without a doubt the final frontier tour. Meeting up with great friends and meeting new Maidenheads.
The worst memory from 2010 has to be Sonisphere Stockholm, shit festival. Of course Maiden was great, one of the best Maiden gigs so far!!

* What would you do if you where invisible for one day?

If I were invisible for a day I would probably done something criminal... Rob a bank?

* What is your best purchase during 2010?

Best purchase 2010 is my Iron Maiden The Final Frontier promo card board stand, 160 cm tall.

* What do you like to eat when you are hung over?

Usually I don't get hangovers, but if I do i eat junk food, burgers etc.

* What is/was your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to make a decent living as a musician.

* What was the best concert you saw during 2010?

The best gig of 2010 is an Iron Maiden gig, perhaps the Bergen gig since it is my hometown and we had a killer afterparty with my Maiden tribute band Maidenheads playing at the Garage. And I remember Maiden played"No More Lies" extremely well that evening.

* What are your hobbies beside the music?

Beside music I work in construction, with explosives. So basically my days consist of blasting and music:)

* What is your favourite travel destination and why?

One of my favourite travel destinations is actually Stockholm, love the atmosphere there, and I have very good friends there.

* Every Sunday in the blog i have something called "Sunday Gooseflesh" in which I post a video that gives me the chills
- now it´s your turn to pick a music video that has this effect on you!

Iron Maiden - Afraid to shoot strangers

Krakow will enter studio to record our second album in March and hopefully released in August. We will also release a 7" single in february. Then we are working on a new tour this fall
Vithr has just recorded tracks for an upcoming EP release, date is yet unknown but I guess it will happen in April.

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Vithr has just recorded tracks for an upcoming EP release, date is yet unknown but I guess it will happen in April.

2011-09-07 @ 18:52:57

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