Jay Walsh - Blaze Bayley

hi you :)
just arrived at the last town of the brazil dates and its 4 in the morning and im very drunk ... so heres the answers .........

(ok, thats good to know.. Hope you had a great tour! //D)

* Which 3 album releases did you enjoy the most during 2010?

megadeth - endgame
always listening to pantera ....
and also very good ... i heard a cd from a swedish band called necrophobic ... ive heard some bad things about that bass player though ... :)

what was your first metal-concert and how old were you?

may 1988 megadeth with sanctuary, hammersmith odeon, london - 14

* What is your worst and best memory from 2010?

worst memory, - one that comes to mind is me and blaze driving 22 hours without mapping or satnav or any of us able to speak russian getting from moscow to finland after the promoter decided to bail on us in russia. - best memory, watching him leave the van like a low dog with his tail between his legs... (edit-we now have a very new low moment, me and claudio have no lighter in the hotel room and reception wont give us one cos its 'no smoking here ' !! - fuks!!

* What would you do if you where invisible for one day?

steal some new guitars and piss through the letterboxes of some people that i dont like. (edit - blow smoke in the face of the guy at reception tonight)

* What is your best purchase during 2010?

suzuki 4wd jeep on the road for £200

* What do you like to eat when you are hung over?

cant eat when hungover, need orange juice, then coffee , then think about eating.

* What is/was your biggest dream?

to not have to worry about anything anymore...

* What was the best concert you saw during 2010?

sepultura in lorley rocks festival germany, saw seps in bristol previously with motorhead first time since max/igor and all of us were disappointed, but in 2010 in this festival, possibly the best sepultura sound, aggression and energy ive seen ... on dvd megadeth , but why didnt they play 'this day we fight ?'

* What are your hobbies beside the music?

all my time is either on the guitar or with my girlfriend

* What is your favourite travel destination and why?

this month is south america ...because i try to have a favorite time to remember wherever i am ...

* Every Sunday in the blog i have something called "Sunday Gooseflesh" in which I post a video that gives me the chills
- now it´s your turn to pick a music video that has this effect on you!

cant think of a video that gives me goosebumps but sinhead oconnor/prince song, video 'nothing compares to you'
i remember having a cold effect -

better for a metal blog is machinehead, davidian.

* What’s on the 2011 agenda for your band/bands?

now its end of january and we are just finishing brazil tour and head to argentina tomoorow then to chile, february is hometime and then march is europe part 1 for 2011, april is writing time and then may and june is uk and some festivals in europe -

Now all i need is the URL to your bands!


newone coming for 'Bull-Riff Stampede' cd is finished and will be about in i think 6 months time .... ;)

hope thats all good,
will see ya soon hopefully -


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