Ivar Björnson - Enslaved, Trinacria, Dream of an Opium Eater

* Which 3 album releases did you enjoy the most during 2010?

-Ihsahn "After"
-Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier"
-Triptykon "Eparistera Daimones"

*What was your first metal-concert and how old were you?

That was in Oslo in 1989; Anthrax headlining with Suicidal Tendencies supporting. I was 12 years old and very lucky to have a dad that drove me eight hours over the mountains to see my first proper Metal gig.

* What is your worst and best memory from 2010?

The best moment must have occured several times during mixing our new album in Örebro while staying in a cottage in the nearby small village of Vingåker. The weather was nice, the album turned out better and better day by day and the beer was cold.

The worst was our day in New Dehli India before the show we did there - the concert was brilliant but the tiredness and technical difficulties in actually making the gig happening was one of the worst days of my career. Thanks so much to the Norwegian music biz guys who stopped by our backstage to drink up whatever little booze we had while we were on stage also!

* What would you do if you where invisible for one day?

I guess I would try to be somewhat democratic and set aside some time both for the upper and lower parts of the intellect. I would get on planes and go around trying to get into some secret places (military, research, free masoners and so on), and of course it would have to include some female locker rooms in for example L.A. were famous ladies hang out after their workouts - perhaps not very gentlemanly, but I would have to live with myself for the rest of my life if I didn't include that as well.

* What is your best purchase during 2010?

A laptop from the Swedish company Frost specially designet for recording and mixing music.

* What do you like to eat when you are hung over?

The absolutely best thing is heavily salted meat - like smoked sheep meat. It often feels like I want junk food, but I know that proper meats works even better.

* What is/was your biggest dream?

It would be to realize the biggest visions for Enslaved's live show on a large scale. It would be total insanity and make a Lynch movie seem like a quiet and peaceful affair.

* What was the best concert you saw during 2010?

Easy: Iron Maiden in Bergen!

* What are your hobbies beside the music?

Reading books and sampling beers - my passion is discovering new kinds of India Pale Ale.

* What is your favourite travel destination and why?

New York - we have nature and small city atmosphere here, so it is nice with something else. There's art, food, beer and wine culture there as well as concerts - and I like how the New Yorkers don't pay attention to what other's are up to. I don't go on holiday to get to know new people and like to be left alone.

* Every Sunday in the blog i have something called "Sunday Gooseflesh" in which I post a video that gives me the chills
- now it´s your turn to pick a music video that has this effect on you!

Sunday Gooseflesh sounds like something I would love for breakfast on a Sunday hehe. I guess my video would be Tool with "Vicarious".

* What’s on the 2011 agenda for your band/bands?

Play an enormous amount of concerts, write a new album for Enslaved and start writing on a new album for Trinacria!

Now all i need is the URL to your bands!



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